A view at Petersburg’s fish port from the dock

Fishing is Petersburg’s primary source of income, but then it was not established by Norwegian immigration. The Tlingit have lived in the Mitkof Island region for hundreds of years. When the European immigrants came in the late 1800s, the Tlingit Indians were their first encounter.

Wrangell Narrows

The Wrangell Narrows, a deep, narrow waterway close to Petersburg that is part of the Inside Passage and used by fishing vessels and the Alaska ferry system, is a portion of the Inside Passage. The Wrangell Narrows can be seen between Hungry Point and a section of the Mitkof Highway, but they are best viewed from a charter or cruise boat. Contact the visitor’s information center for a list of prospective charter/tour companies for a day adventure on the narrows.

Alaska Marine Highway Ferry

Alaska’s marine highway ferry experience is the three-hour boat trip from Wrangell to Petersburg. The spectacular Wrangell Narrows, with various unique nautical markings, will take three hours to cross. When you arrive in Petersburg, you will find a small fishing village living by the sea’s rhythm. Even though it is surrounded by unspoiled nature, this is the perfect adventure for anyone looking for a more natural approach to exploration. On this remote island, you will uncover a hidden beauty sought after by just a select few.

Patterson Glacier

Patterson Glacier is a glacier in the United States’ state of Alaska. Patterson Glacier is the closest settlement to Petersburg. The Patterson Glacier runs five miles northeast of Twin Peaks, then southwest to the Patterson River’s mouth, fifteen miles northeast of Petersburg, then eventually to the Coast Mountains (USGS).