Sip Local Magic: Common Grounds & Alaska Island Coffee

Common Grounds & Alaska Island Coffee is not just a regular coffee spot; it’s a cherished place that has been part of our community for years, bringing a taste of Alaska to every cup.

These guys have been serving great coffee for ages, thanks to the local legends at Alaska Island Coffee. Whether you like a simple black coffee or something fancier like specialty coffee, Common Grounds & Alaska Island Coffee has got you covered. And the smell of those freshly roasted local beans hits you the moment you walk in – it’s like a warm, inviting hug for your nose. They also have some delicious pastries to make your taste buds dance happily.

Inside, it’s got a cozy vibe, perfect for anything from chilling out to getting some work done. They’ve even got free Wi-Fi, so you can surf the web while sipping your coffee. The folks behind the counter aren’t just baristas; they’re like your friendly neighborhood coffee experts, ensuring you get the best cup in town and feel right at home.

But it’s more than just a coffee spot. Common Grounds & Alaska Island Coffee is like the heartbeat of our community. Locals drop by to chat, tourists get a taste of local life, and everyone comes together over a darn good cup of coffee.

So, whether you’re a regular looking for your go-to spot, a visitor wanting a slice of Petersburg life, or a coffee fan wanting to try local magic, this place is calling your name. It’s the living, breathing soul of Petersburg, Alaska. Join in, sip by sip, and be a part of the genuine spirit that makes this place unique.

904 S Nordic Dr, Petersburg, AK 99833 | +1 907-772-2299 |