Downtown Petersburg

The city of Petersburg lies across Frederick Sound from a fabulous glaciated wall of alpine peaks that form a skyline of jagged snowcapped summits. Petersburg’s community of roughly 3,000 is centered around its scenic waterfront, which is lined with working boats, piers, and weathered boathouses, businesses, and homes – many decorated with Norweigan rosemaling. 

The heart and soul of the city are the Sing Lee Alley, a picturesque street built ver Hammer Slough. The Sons of Norway Hall, a lard red and white National Historic Site with colorful rose mailing, was built in 1912. The social hall still serves as Peterburg’s Norweigan culture center. During the summer, guests can stop by and enjoy Norweigan pastries and watch Norweigan dancers. Sing Lee Alley and Hammer Slough delight photographers who want to capture the city’s colorful waterfront.

You can find the Bojer Wikan Fishermen’s Memorial Park located along Sing Lee Alley. Built over Hammer Slough, the memorial features a bronze sculpture of local fisherman B. Wikan and honors all his fellow crewmembers lost at sea. Also displayed is a replica of a Viking ship called Valhalla that was built in 1976. You can also find the Clausen Memorial Museum, home to a unique collection of relics and artifacts like a Tligit dugout canoe. 

Downton Peterburg comes to life mid-may when the whole city hosts the Little Norway Festival celebrating the Norweigan Independence Day. This event lasts four days and features Norweigan costumes, dances, games, booths, and a fun parade. The Little Norway Festival’s highlight is the delicious shrimp feed and seafood buffet, where you can indulge in the freshest crab, shrimp, and halibut.