Eagle Roost Park

617 N Nordic Dr, Petersburg, AK 99833

Located north of the Wrangell Narrows, you can find Petersburg, the heart of Norwegian culture in Alaska. Petersburg is centered around its busy but scenic views, lined with working boats, harbor, and weathered boathouses, while businesses and homes line the quiet streets. Within a short distance of Petersburg’s downtown, you’ll find Eagle Roost Park, a small park with benches and picnic tables.

Eagle Roost Park features the Narrow Viewing platform, and it’s the park’s most popular attraction. It is an excellent place to watch eagles roosting in trees or eating in Wrangell Narrows. If you follow the trail down the Narrow Viewing Platform, you’ll find a beach where you can explore tide pools at low tide.

This popular park is within the town’s borough, where Bald Eagles congregate in trees, especially between April and June, to scan the Wrangell Narrows water for fish. If you’re lucky, you might catch a bald eagle dramatically flying off a tree into the water and plucking a fish.

Besides bald eagles, this park is home to other species like gulls, scoters, harlequin ducks, barrow’s goldeneye, and many more. This beautiful roadside park is the perfect spot to admire eagles -especially at low tide- and other species- just north of the well-known Petersburg Fisheries cannery. Also, this park offers -on a clear day- dramatic, picturesque views of the sharp-edged Coast Range, including the famous 9,007-foot summit of Devil’s Thumb.