Have fun at these must-see attractions in Petersburg

Petersburg is just a tiny town on Mitkof Island in Southeast Alaska that serves as a significant commercial fishing hub. Massive cruise ships do not visit, and it is off the beaten route for most individual tourists. As a result, it is a terrific place to learn about authentic Alaskan culture while taking in spectacular natural surroundings, with far fewer tourists than larger villages all along Inside Passage.

Sandy Beach Park

This destination is yet another fantastic place for tide-pooling and beach exploration, with a spectacular view across the lake. It is about a two-mile walk from downtown, mostly on sidewalks or trails, crossing through the airport and onto the other side of Mitkof Island. You can take a taxi there if you do not have the energy to walk back (or back). On this beautiful beach, you may see traces of ancient petroglyphs and fish traps dating back at least two thousand years.

Raven’s Roost

The Raven’s Roost hike is an 8-mile round-trip climb that gains 1800 feet in elevation. It starts throughout the street from Sandy Beach and proceeds to a stunning view and the Raven’s Roost Forest service lodge. This is challenging terrain and thus, the weather is typically chilly, windy and wet. It is crucial to bring everything you will need for a hike and be self-reliant. Make sure you have enough food, water and layers.

City Creek Trail

The City Creek Trail, which starts near Sandy Shore and provides a pleasant, calm, short and flat forest stroll along the shore, is suitable for individuals that do not want to climb.