LeConte Glacier

LeConte Glacier is truly a stunning and unique place and one of the best destinations on a trip to Alaska. There are plenty of beautiful tidewater glaciers at the Alaska heads, several bays along the Inside Passage, and Southcentral Alaska. Still, the Le Conte Glacier is at the top of the most beautiful.

This glacier is a 21-mile and a 1-mile glacier in Alaska. Suppose it flows southwest to LeConte Bay. U.S. Navy Leieutenant-Commandes Charles M. Thomas named this glacier in 1887 in honor of Joseph LeConte, a Californian geologist. Since the glacier’s discovery, it has retreated nearly 2.5 miles, although it is considered stable nowadays.

The LeConte Glacier is known for its “shooter” icebergs, which calve off underneath and shoot out of the water due to their buoyancy. Being south of the 57th parallel north, this famous glacier is the southernmost tidewater glacier of the Northern Hemisphere. The LeConte Glacier is a trendy tourist destination, with operators from nearby Wrangell and Petersburg runnin’ excursions to its calving face. Also of the same namesake and an essential part of the Alaska Marine Highway is the ferry M/V LeConte.