Stay Informed, Stay Connected: The Petersburg Pilot

The Petersburg Pilot is in the delightful town of Petersburg, nestled along the pristine shores of Alaska’s Inside Passage. This weekly newspaper has been a beacon of information and community spirit since its establishment in 1974. Over the years, this paper has become a steadfast companion to locals, visitors, and curious readers, documenting life’s ebb and flow in Alaska’s Little Norway. The present publisher, Orin Pierson, continues the tradition, ensuring that the Petersburg Pilot remains a vital part of the town’s fabric.

The Petersburg Pilot is a living chronicle of the community. Each issue is filled with local stories and features that capture Petersburg’s heartbeat. From the latest fishing escapades to detailed profiles of local artists like Pia Reilly, Beth Flor, and Brenda Schwartz, the paper paints a vivid picture of the town’s vibrant cultural scene. Readers can find heartwarming tales of rescued sea otters and detailed accounts of community celebrations, such as the annual Little Norway Festival, reflecting the town’s rich traditions and close-knit spirit.

Practical information is another cornerstone of the Petersburg Pilot. The newspaper provides essential details, including schedules for town meetings, TV listings, and information on local services like black-and-white copying. This practical content keeps residents informed and helps visitors navigate the community quickly, ensuring everyone stays connected and up-to-date with the latest happenings.

Beyond the local news and practical updates, the Petersburg Pilot introduces readers to fascinating individuals who call Petersburg home. One such figure is Doug, the owner and pilot of Nordic Air. Doug’s story is akin to an adventure novel—armed with an aviation degree and a pilot’s license since 1983; he embodies the spirit of exploration and resilience. When he’s not soaring above the breathtaking fjords, Doug can often cast a line into the icy waters, pursuing tales of halibut and salmon. His dual roles as a pilot and fisherman add a unique dimension to the community’s narrative.

The Petersburg Pilot is readily available by subscription for those looking to stay informed. Annual rates are $42 for in-town readers, $54 for fellow Alaskans, and $64 for those beyond the state’s borders; for an additional $52, subscribers can also receive TV schedules. The newspaper offers more than just news; it provides services like rubber stamps and book publishing, catering to the diverse needs of its readers.

Whether you’re sipping coffee at a local café or bundled up against the brisk Alaskan winds, the Petersburg Pilot is a reliable companion. It offers more than news; it delivers a slice of life in a place where glaciers meet the sea, and the spirit of adventure is as boundless as the wilderness.

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