Sing Lee Alley Books

11 Sing Lee Alley Petersburg, Alaska 99833, USA | 907-772–4440

Sing Lee Alley Books is located along an alley in a marvelous white house that served as a boarding house for schoolteachers and fishermen. This shop was founded in 1981 and is located in Petersburg, Alaska. 

Because this Alaskan city doesn’t have deep water, it doesn’t get big cruise chips; thus, it isn’t overrun with the big cruise line-operated tourist hops that afflict many coastal towns. There are a couple of little locally-owned local artists’ galleries, stores, and the unique Sing Lee Alley Bookstore with lovely coffee table books and the famous “Alaska Room” that includes a great assortment of Alaskana, including history, fishing, nautical, and field guides, as well as new releases and a fun selection of different genres to keep you entertained during your trip.

Besides the “Alaska Room,” Sing Lee Alley Books also has a “Children’s Room” filled with fun educational activities, books, and gifts for the little ones, the young, and the young in heart. The Sing Lee Alley Bookstore carries new books and gifts for everyone, regardless of age and interests. You can find timeless classics, the latest best sellers, how-to guides, cookbooks, romance, fantasy, history, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, among many other themes. This bookstore also offers cards, maps, and Alaska native art to help you remember your time in this beautiful small town.