Explore Alaskan Fashion at The Small Town Boutique

The Small Town Boutique, located on the peaceful 1270 Howkan Street in Petersburg, Alaska, is a delightful combination of fashion, community, and adventure. This family-owned store perfectly captures its surroundings’ essence through its clothing and accessories selection. With a stunning view of Alaska’s southeastern coast as the backdrop, every store garment uniquely represents the local culture and lifestyle.

Petersburg boasts a close-knit community deeply intertwined with the rhythm of the sea. The boutique mirrors this intimate atmosphere by curating a diverse collection of apparel and adornments designed to transition from urban streets to untamed wilderness seamlessly.

Immerse yourself in the allure of wilderness chic, where rugged flannels and durable denim are accentuated by exquisitely crafted jewelry inspired by indigenous Tlingit motifs. As you peruse the boutique’s offerings, take in the captivating artworks adorning its walls – each piece is a testament to the talent and creativity thriving within the local community.

Embrace Petersburg’s maritime heritage with a selection of foul-weather gear and fishing attire, combining practicality with undeniable style. From salmon-themed rubber boots to weather-resistant jackets, the boutique ensures you’re prepared for any adventure, whether on land or at sea.

Step into The Small Town Boutique and be greeted by the warm hospitality of owners Evelyn and Lars Anderson. Evelyn’s welcoming demeanor and Lars’s captivating storytelling, born from a lifetime of seafaring, create an inviting atmosphere where every visitor feels like part of the family.

Join the vibrant tapestry of community events the boutique hosts, from the monthly First Friday Art Walks to summer fashion shows on the bustling fishing docks. And when the winter nights blanket Petersburg in darkness, revel in the enchantment of impromptu aurora viewing parties, where the celestial dance of the Northern Lights illuminates the sky.

While The Small Town Boutique proudly ships its wares worldwide, its heart remains firmly rooted in Petersburg. Whether you’re a resident seeking the perfect ensemble for your next adventure or a curious traveler eager to immerse yourself in Alaskan culture, this boutique invites you to embrace the wilderness and proudly wear your experiences.

1270 Howkan St, Petersburg, AK 99833 | +1 706-951-7993 |