Tongass Adventures: Explore Alaska’s Majestic Wild

Tongass Adventures invites adventurers to experience the wonders of Alaska’s wilderness. As a small, locally-owned business, it specializes in intimate group tours that blend the thrill of exploration with the tranquility of nature. Here’s why Tongass Adventures should be on every traveler’s list.

The Tongass Jem, their trusted vessel, glides through pristine waters, unveiling hidden treasures. Ideal for those with limited mobility or those wanting to cover more ground, their boat excursions promise memorable experiences. On the Frederick Sound Whales and Wildlife Tour, guests can witness humpback whales breaching and sea lions basking on rocky shores. Alternatively, the LeConte Glacier Boat Tour offers a breathtaking view of the southernmost tidewater glacier in the northern hemisphere.

Tongass Adventures provides sea kayak excursions for the adventurous, offering close and personal encounters with Alaska’s untamed beauty. Paddlers can silently navigate serene fjords, tracing the rugged coastline as bald eagles soar overhead. Their fleet of kayaks accommodates various sizes, ensuring safety and comfort for seasoned paddlers and curious beginners. Each journey is tailored to match the abilities and preferences of the participants.

The LeConte Glacier stands as a testament to Earth’s ancient forces. As visitors approach, they can feel the air chill and observe the glacier’s icy fingers reaching toward the sea. Witnessing dramatic calving events—the powerful breakup of icebergs—creates a natural symphony of creaks and splashes. It’s a humbling experience that underscores nature’s incredible power.

Participants are encouraged to keep their eyes peeled for harbor seals lounging on ice floes and playful sea otters floating by. Majestic bald eagles survey their domain from lofty perches, and with a bit of luck, they might even glimpse a black bear strolling along the shoreline.

In addition to guided tours, the Tongass Jem is a reliable water taxi. Expertly operated by Captain Logan, it shuttles passengers and gear to various remote locations around Petersburg. Whether embarking on a multi-day trek or seeking solitude on a secluded beach, the water taxi service ensures guests reach their destination comfortably and efficiently.

Tongass Adventures values each guest’s unique adventure vision, limiting tours to six guests. This personalized setting ensures a more engaging and tailored experience. If guests have a specific vision for their adventure, Tongass Adventures will craft a dream itinerary just for them, making them feel truly valued.

Tongass Adventures is a locally owned business with a deep connection to the land and its stories. Its guides share extensive knowledge and passion for Alaska’s wilderness, weaving tales of glaciers, wildlife, and indigenous cultures into each tour. This local expertise enriches the experience, offering insights that only those who live there can provide.

Tongass Adventures is an immersive journey into Alaska’s wild heart. It’s the thrill of spotting a breaching whale, the awe of standing before a majestic glacier, and the warmth of camaraderie around a campfire. Each moment is designed to create lasting memories and a profound connection with nature. Visitors are invited to join and let the wilderness of Alaska leave an indelible mark on their souls.

Experience the adventure of a lifetime with Tongass Adventures—where the wild awaits.

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