Traverse to the Town that Fish Built

Petersburg is home to one of Alaska’s most successful and diversified commercial fishing fleets, three extensive seafood processing facilities and several specialized service processors. The pier in Petersburg handles about 70 million pounds of fish and shellfish every year, making it one of Alaska’s and the country’s busiest ports.

Eagle’s Roost Park

Between late April and the end of June, bald eagles congregate in the treetops of Eagle’s Roost Park to scout the waterways of Wrangell Narrows for fish. Unless you’re fortunate, you might see an eagle soaring out of the woods to catch a fish. Outside of May and June, eagle sightings at the park are possible but rare, as most eagles are elsewhere nesting or foraging.

Whale Song Cruises

You will sail across ice fields where Norwegian settlers, like Tlingit tribes decades ago, gathered glacier ice to preserve their fish for export to Lower 48 markets. You will be greeted by eagles, ravens, seagulls and a variety of coastal birds as you cruise through enormous stands of spruce, hemlock and cedar forests. Sea lions will abound, and humpback and orca whales will interact with porpoises.

Carry your camera and binoculars since there are many more sights to view as there are days in the summer. Come to Alaska and experience this paradise.

Alaska Sea Adventures

Alaska Sea Adventures has provided great guided tours of Alaska’s Inside Passage for nearly 40 years. The program, founded in the 1970s by a Juneau dentist, has evolved from assisting disadvantaged areas with yacht-based dental care to giving active tours for anyone wishing to visit this magnificent part of the world.